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"Temporary is my time. Ain't nothing on this world that's mine..."

My adventure in photography began as a kid with my bright blue Fisher-Price 110 camera. It had the coolest flash cubes! I shot countless rolls of film around our family farm. My mother has albums full of prints to prove it! To say I kept York Photo Lab in business in the 1980’s is an understatement. In high school, I signed up for Photography 101. Our first project was building a pinhole camera. Seeing that first grainy image in the developing tray had me hooked. For the remainder of my high school years, I rearranged my schedule to take every photography class I could with Ms. "Blick." She was a continual source of inspiration and encouraged me to study photography in college. That, however, didn't stick! I changed directions and my camera collected dust for almost 10 years. In 2008, my best friend, Sarah, called after having newborn photos taken of her daughter.  She encouraged me to rediscover my camera and take her daughter's first-year pictures. It didn't take long to realize what had been missing in my life. Nine years ago, my photography business started with fall photos of an adorable little girl and grew from there to maternity, children and family sessions, high school senior portrait sessions and weddings. I’ve shot photos in a variety of settings and venues and usually make my clients feel comfortable by quoting Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute and a good dose of self-deprecating humor. When I’m not behind the camera, I act as personal chauffeur to my two amazing kids, dog-mom to two of the most deliriously stupid but lovable boxers, and drink coffee like Lorelei Gilmore. I would love to fill my yard with mini donkeys and goats and devote a summer to following The Avett Brothers around the country! Someday, I hope to drive all of Rt. 66 in a '73 Ford Bronco and explore the west with my adorable hubby, camera in hand, of course!


my favorite things:

  • forrest gump

  • rain on the roof

  • camping

  • toms

  • snow

  • hiking

  • Maine

  • ​​bacon

  • the wedding singer

  • antique shops

  • baseball on the radio

  • orchids

  • fun coffee mugs

  • The Office

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