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“ heart never beat like it does at the sight...”

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“When I'm in my sweet daughter's eyes, my heart is now ruined for the rest of all time.”
  • Can we bring our dog?
    If you've gotten this far on my website and haven't realized I love dogs well, then, maybe we're not a good fit. Haha! Well behaved dogs, goats, donkeys, cows, gorillas, horses, pigs, llamas, chinchillas, otters, unicorns, panda bears, etc. are always welcome. But I don't do snakes. Just... Just don't even ask me. Not happening.
  • We'd love to have our photos taken at.....
    Our family farm. The beach. Our favorite camp site. Venice, Italy. That's awesome! I love new places! I enjoy a good road trip. I'm dying to visit Italy. Anything within 25 miles of my studio is included in your session fee. Anything over that and we'll discuss travel fees.
  • White polos and jeans are perfect, right?"
    Maybe in 1995! I apologize if you have a similar family portrait hanging on the wall right now... Wear what you're comfortable in. If you're not comfortable in your outfit, it will show on your face. If you have to remind yourself while you're wearing something to suck it in, then don't wear it. My best advice for choosing attire would be to start with a plaid shirt or print dress. Pull solid colors for other family members from that piece. Mix in a complementary print as well such as a polka dot or stripe! Avoid trendy accessories and current cartoon characters. They'll make your photos look dated way before their time. Mickey Mouse is timeless. Paw Patrol is not.
  • How many family members can you accomodate during a family session?
    Around six. If your family is larger let's chat about our options!
  • We don't want a big wedding. We're thinking maybe a destination wedding, eloping, or just a micro wedding. Can you help us?
    Ohhhhh, yes I can! Click here for more info!
  • We really don't want a big wedding. We would prefer to elope or have a microwedding. Can you still help us?
    Absolutely! Just complete the contact form below!
  • Are you LGTBQ+ friendly?
    Absofreakinlutely!!!!! Love is Love and the world needs more of it.
  • So, my uncle and my dad tried to choke each other the last time they were in the same room...."
    That's cool. Every family tree has a few nuts. A few weeks before your wedding we'll meet and chat about your day. We'll discuss any family issues. I certainly don't want to group family members together who don't get along, or even catch them in candids. My goal is for your day to go as smoothly as possible. I also do my best to attend your rehearsal. I typically don't shoot. I just like to introduce myself to the bridal party and important family members. I really like to learn parents names. I think it's important to call them by their given names, not just "mom" and "dad".
  • What price do your wedding packages start at?
    Wedding Packages start as low as $3025.00!
  • Do I really need a Second Shooter?
    It really depends on your circumstances. I'm very thorough but I can't be in two places at once. So, if you're getting ready at two separate locations, or having your ceremony and reception at two separate locations, then a Second Shooter is something you should strongly consider. If everything is at one location then I can generally handle it on my own. However, keep in mind that a Second Shooter will help capture small details that I may not be able to.
  • All of your wedding packages come with engagement Sessions. My Uncle Bob already took our engagement photos. Can you deduct that from the price of the wedding?
    An engagment session is more than some photos for your Save The Dates. An engagement session helps us get to know one another. Maybe there is a side of your face you prefer. Or your ears are unusually ticklish and I should avoid directing your partner to whisper into them at all costs. Perhaps you don't like to be hugged a certain way. Quirks. Hey, we've all got 'em but I'd rather learn about them before your big day! I can assure you that this session will put all three of us at ease so your wedding day is a breeze. At least from a photography standpoint. I can't do much about your mother-in-law... So, no.
  • Why is wedding photography so expensive? Don't you just show up for eight hours, push a button, and go home?"
    Ahhhhh, if only. Well, for starters I spend a lot of time prior to your wedding sending your contract and other correspondence, shooting and editing your engagement session, meeting to go over the particulars, and creating a timeline. Then there's my assistant who comes along with me and a second shooter if you so choose. They, sadly, don't work for free. Oh, and that camera. It's pretty pricey. And I have three. Because no one is happy when a camera decides not to work on a wedding day. What's that? You like that blurry background in my photos (we call that bokeh)? The lenses that achieve that effect, they're pretty darned expensive too. As well as lighting gear, Ibuprofen, memory cards, computers, Chiropractor bills, back-up systems, coffee, website hosting, comfortable shoes that don't look like I stole them from your granny, gallery hosting, etc. I've got to insure all that stuff too. And pay Uncle Sam his share. After I go home I spend a good 25-30 hours editing, uploading, designing albums, ordering products, etc. I can assure you that I won't be cashing out your payment in singles and rolling around on my bed in dollar bills.
  • Is there anything you hate about weddings?
    Yes. "Butterfly Kisses" If you dance with your father to that song, no wedding photos for you. Said in my best Soup Nazi voice.


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