Ellie and Michael's Shepherdstown Sunrise Engagement

Tomorrow is Ellie and Michael's wedding! I've been looking forward to this day for as long as I've known Ellie! I first met Ellie three years ago when she was the assistant in my son's Pre-K class. Each morning she'd come pry my son from my hands when he didn't want me to leave. She would hug him, rock with him, and read to him until he felt at ease to join his classmates. I came to realize after a few weeks that my son didn't really seem to mind going to school and that I'm pretty sure he only did this to get Ellie's attention. 😂 It worked because Ellie loves my son as much as he loves her. However, there is another man in Ellie's life. Sorry, Charlie. Michael is such a sweet guy! He's funny and he loves baseball. That's a keeper in my book. When they're together they're happy and at ease, which is exactly how you should feel around the love of your life.

I love sunrise engagments and when I suggested sunrise to Ellie for their session she was thrilled. We chose Shepherdstown mainly because it's the halfway point between where we live and they're getting married in Shepherdstown! The sunrise on that fall morning did not disappoint. Take a look for yourselves!!

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